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Why you need this 2016 chess tournament games app?
  • This chess game app is developed to help Grandmasters in the making.
  • This chess app is designed to those, who want to watch greatest chess master players in action move by move in their chess play.
  • Beginners can use this app to learn nuances of great grandmasters games.
  • It firstly lists all matches played in the tournament. Select any game- just one touch for the game. Moves are made automatically at normal speed.Or can be moved step by step
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Chess Tournament Games app 2016 | Chess app Android, iOS

Play Chess of Chess masters in European Chess Tournaments 2016 app for Android

A Chess games playing application, a Chess Tournament app and chess board magazine with all games of European International Chess tournaments in 2016 viz: Leon 2016, Bilbao 2016, Tal Memorial 2016 and Gashimov 2016. A good way to play all these latest Grandmasters' games again and again and if required, PGN games can be pasted and sent as email. You can analyze at leisure externally with your favorite engines.You can also share with social sites. Chess players note that modern Grandmasters in the latest games play differently with all the computer engines at their disposal which all the greats of yesteryear never had.


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How it Works?

Chess Tournament Game
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