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The rather unique Snakes and Ladders app has always been popular for players of all ages. We guarantee you and your friends will find this game a strong favorite, the best of the free games. Snakes and Ladders game is regarded today as a worldwide classic, traditional dice board game from ancient India was brought to the UK in 1892 and first commercially published in the USA as Chutes and Ladders. Like the traditional pachisi (present-day Ludo). It was known as moksha patam or vaikunthapaali. A luck-based board game played on a numbered grid, the aim of which is to proceed to the end, and in which ladders aid progress and snakes impede it .A number of ladders and snakes are pictured on the board, each connecting two specific board squares. The object of the game is to navigate one's game piece, according to die rolls, from the start (bottom square) to the finish (top square), hindered or helped by snakes and ladders respectively. The game is a simple race contest based on sheer luck, and is very popular.In this version it portrays the trials and tribulations of a Bollywood star!

How to play snake and ladder game | Snakes and ladders rules
  • Snake and ladders board game as such is very simple and a player-you- will play against an computer AI named ‘Android.’
  • Understanding the goal of the game: Aim is to be the first player to reach the end by moving across the board from square 1 to square 100. You will travel the board from base to top, right, and then left and so on.
  • Check out what Wikipedia has to say about Snake and ladder game.
  • Great game for commuters, needs just one hand to play!
  • Each player starts with a token on the starting square (usually the "1" grid square in the bottom left corner, or simply, off the board next to the "1" grid square) and takes turns to roll a single die to move the token by the number of squares indicated by the die roll. Tokens follow a fixed route marked on the game board which usually follows a boustrophedon (ox-plow) track from the bottom to the top of the playing area, passing once through every square. If, on completion of a move, a player's token lands on the lower-numbered end of a ladder, the player must move the token up to the ladder's higher-numbered square. If the player lands on the higher-numbered square of a snake (or chute), the token must move down to the snake's lower-numbered square. If a player rolls a 6, the player may, after moving, immediately take another turn; otherwise play passes to the next player in turn. The player who is first to bring their token to the last square of the track is the winner. A variation exists in this app where a player must roll the exact number to reach the final square to win.
  • Commence playing. Tap and the dice rolls,and gives your number and your token which moves automatically, thereafter Android, your co-player does the same. The dice must be rolled again to show the number of squares that the player entering the board may move initially. The token or marker moves to the appropriate square. Each player rolls once.
  • Snakes game: if a player lands at the tip of the snake's head, his or her token or marker slides down to the square at the snake's tail.
  • Ladders: if a player lands on a square that is at the base of a ladder, his or her marker moves to the square at the top of the ladder and continues from there.
  • Complete the game. The first player to square 100 is the winner but you must have the correct number on the dice to land on the 100 mark.
  • A player, while playing this game is not only playing a board game, but in reality is understanding the secret of life like ular tangga, fast paced snake 'n ladder game.Get it now!

History of snake and ladders

The historic version had root in morality lessons, where a player's progression up the board represented a life journey complicated by virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes). Players travel along the squares sometimes using ladders, which represent good acts, that allow the player to come closer to nirvana while the snakes slides into evil. When this board game was brought to England, the Indian virtues and vices were replaced by English ones in hopes of better reflecting Victorian doctrines of morality. Squares of Fulfillment, Grace and Success were accessible by ladders of Thrift, Penitence and Industry and snakes of Indulgence, Disobedience and Indolence caused one to end up in Illness, Disgrace and Poverty. Now Bollywood style game

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