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Black tile walk game in Get Jar app store Black tile walk game in Aptoide

This is a super fun and highly addictive white tiles Android and online web game suited for everyone.No special skills needed in this tiles app, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers for punching the tiles! Black Tiles White Tile Walk app game, a classic for all ages.

This has been released for Android. It is a great funfilled arcade game. Smooth gameplay . Optimized for high resolution screens. More Levels, One Color, No songs, One Tile, One Background, No Choice, BUT More Happiness?

Walk around with Black Tiles White Tiles Walk, with scores.

How to play ? Careful negotiation of the Black Tiles

  • 피아노타일 Classic Mode: There is a set number of black tiles the player must touch to win. The screen moves manually, at the rate which the black tiles are touched. The player may attempt to touch these tiles in as little time as possible.The scroll speed gradually increases and the player is forced to tap black tiles, at a continuously increasing pace Extremely smooth operating experience of black and white tiles movement thanks to the Famous framework! Need similar web application development for a advertisement /game app? There are no restrictions, see how many points you could get, note that the speed will be faster.
  • Ten levels : The most challenging mini 10 levels, you can conquer.
  • Warning, this Black Tiles White Tiles Game is too easy to get addicted!
  • Content rating: Everyone What's new in this version: Improvements in Black and White Walk game play using the Famous © framework.Fine game play any day
  • Coming shortly how to play Black and White game!
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  • Black Tiles White game free download for Android released. May have blue, red or green tiles in app next version. What is your preference ? Email us
Black tile walk game in Get Jar app store Black tile walk game in Aptoide
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